Train your Mind Win in Sports

Train your Mind Win in Sports

Train your Mind Win in Sports


Train your Mind, Win in Sports: – 7 basic steps to start training your mind to win

«With this book,  Giancarlo Fornei outdid himself, writing a really helpful instrument to train your mind: it is concise, clear, straight, with a lot of ready-to-use exercises. I was so interested that I am reading it again. Even if I already knew the subject, they acquired a higher value for being explained by such an authority.

  • In particular, I appreciated his self-criticism at the beginning of the book, about his experience with that football team…

I understand him… I was there, too…  even if not exactly with the players, but with some managers who kept repeating that training the mind would be unuseful… 

I hope that things will change in Italy… that they will understand how important it is to have a trained mind, playing with us, not against us, as it unfortunately happens often. I thank him for having “enlightened”  us even more about this amazing subject. It is a book to be read and put immediately into practice!»…

Stefano Tavoletti (mental coach)


«I am definitely sure that mental training not only facilitates improvements that are crucial and often “miraculous” for performances in sports, but also plays an even more important role, since it sharpens your mind, and allows you to face and get over the several difficult moments of  life,  that you too will inevitably experience.

Therefore, regardless of the successes you get in the sport you practice, mental training will undoubtedly useful for you, also to get over life’s hardships.»…

Giancarlo Fornei



  • A Foreword by the author
  • Introduction
  • Step 1: The importance of your state of mind
  • Step 2: State of mind and physiology
  • Step 3: Visualisation techniques
  • Step 4: Nourishing your unconscious
  • Step 5: The Linguistics of  Winners
  • Step 6:  How to anchor winning states of mind
  • Step 7:  Goal Setting
  • Do you need one like him?
  • Conclusions
  • Bibliography
  • Acknowledgements
  • An important recommendation
  • About the author
Giancarlo Fornei is a Writer and a Motivational & Mental Coach. Since 1999, he is dealing exclusively with Personal Growth, developing all areas, from effective communication to interpersonal communication, from self-esteem to positive thinking; from motivation to goal-setting: from sport coaching to women-only coaching.
He is known on the Internet as “The Women’s Coach”, because of his wide experience in training and coaching women. During the last ten years, he worked (almost) exclusively within the Female Universe. He was one of the first coaches to employ the Mp3 technology to create audio courses about Personal Development.

The author thanks David di Luca for this translation into English.

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